AI Imaging Enhancement

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AIRS Medical
AI Imaging Enhancement
SwiftMR by AIRS Medical is an FDA-approved AI imaging enhancement tool that reduces MRI scan times from 30-40 minutes to 15 minutes while both de-noising and enhancing image sharpness. SwiftMR does not require any hardware upgrades, and works on both Siemens and GE devices.
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Medic Vision
Medic Vision iQMR
AI Imaging Enhancement
Medic Vision iQMR (Intelligent Quick Magnetic Resonance) employs proprietary 3D iterative image enhancement algorithms to speed up MRI scan times by 40% and enhance image quality. It is FDA-cleared for use on all body parts and compatible with all MRI scanners. This helps improves the efficiency of medical imaging and reduces scan time discomfort for patients.
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Subtle Medical
Subtle Medical
AI Imaging Enhancement
SubtleMR enhances the quality of MRI scans while decreasing scan times using deep learning, improving the clarity and detail of images. This allows for faster scanning processes, which can reduce patient discomfort and improve throughput in imaging facilities. The software integrates directly with existing MRI systems without needing hardware changes.