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Augmedix Go is a mobile app for clinicians that uses NLP to automatically generates draft medical notes for instantaneous review and signoff by the clinician.

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17 min readReviewed on: 11/16/2023
Title: Director of Documentation Innovation
Organization Type: Hospitals / Health System
  • Product Usage: Augmedix Go is used to facilitate real-time medical documentation by capturing information during patient encounters and transforming the data into structured clinical notes.

  • Strengths: Augmedix Go possesses an agile and adaptable approach, compatibility with emergency department workflows, a personalized onboarding process, ability to distinguish between multiple speakers, and impressive customer support.

  • Weaknesses: Note quality can be variable due to instances of language misunderstandings and redundancy; audio capture in noisy settings can be challenging, there isnt seamless integration with the electronic health record system yet.

  • Overall Judgment: Augmedix is considered an excellent choice for reducing the burden of documentation on providers and enhancing patient care, despite the need to improve note quality and indoor-noise reduction capabilities.

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