Introducing Elion

October 24, 2022

Helping healthcare builders make better, faster technology decisions

The story for Elion comes out of the pain my co-founders Matt, Lily, and I felt as we were building and investing in early stage healthcare companies.

‍In my case, I had been an early team member at both Oscar Health and TrialSpark. And in both situations I had faced similar versions of the same problem - we needed to stand up our products and services as fast as possible, we weren’t able to build everything ourselves, and we needed to quickly find vendors who could help us.

‍This was a huge challenge. We didn’t know which vendors could solve our problems. We had never purchased solutions in some of these areas before and didn’t know how to evaluate the vendors effectively. And we frequently had to make several of these decisions at once under tight timelines, which made it difficult to do the level of research needed to be confident in our decisions.

‍At the same time, there weren’t quality resources to help us. We were largely limited to googling and calling friends within the industry–approaches that were hit or miss and didn’t scale.

‍This problem wasn’t just limited to Oscar and TrialSpark. Matt and Lily saw the same thing again and again across their portfolio companies, with different companies often struggling through the same exact questions–e.g., Should I build or buy my EHR? Which scheduling solution is best? What do I need to bill insurance?

‍With recent trends, these challenges are only getting harder. Over the last several years theres been an explosion in digital health infrastructure products that can serve as the building blocks for new healthcare companies. At the same time, interoperability regulations have come into effect that are making clinical data access and exchange much easier. The net result is that today, if youre starting a healthcare company, most of your technology should be solutions you’re purchasing and integrating, as opposed to building yourself.

‍Seeing these problems and trends, we knew there had to be an easier way.

Enter Elion

‍We founded Elion to help builders create better healthcare companies in less time by giving them the information and insights they need to make higher quality vendor decisions. Weve created a content-driven marketplace where builders can come to get an understanding of the vendor landscape, discover solutions, and easily compare them against one another. We’re also creating in-depth content that gives builders the background knowledge and detailed guidance they need to evaluate vendors quickly and effectively.

‍We fundamentally believe that creating great healthcare companies shouldnt be so hard. Healthcare builders shouldnt be struggling with the same sets of questions over and over again. Getting the information you need to make the right vendor decision for your business shouldnt require so much time and effort. It doesnt have to be this way.

‍Were on a mission to help healthcare builders deliver better care faster. Join us.

Bobby Guelich,

Co-founder & CEO