Webinar: Designing The Value-Based Care Tech Stack

We brought together three veteran digital health builders for a panel discussion on the value-based care (VBC) tech stack. The conversation was a tactical deep dive into a number of hard-won lessons relevant for anyone building technology in the value-based care space.

Quick takes from the conversation

Below we’ve shared some of our favorite quotes from the conversation:

On data:

  • “Data is the foundation of and lifeblood of value-based care” - Jennifer Rabiner [18:05]

  • “Claims data is the broadest dataset available… and the foundation upon which other things sit” - Jennifer Rabiner [18:41]

  • “It’s much better to have a smaller, cleaner data set than a bigger, unclean dataset” - Colton Ortolf [29:11]

On building and tools:

  • “Make it cheap to fail” - Brennan Moore [8:36]

  • “Really important to focus build time on things that are super differentiated” - Colton Ortolf [13:40]

  • “I thought that in the intervening years someone would have built a great CRM for healthcare, but that has not happened - Brennan Moore [18:07]

  • “Robustly push vendors to have trial periods” - Brennan Moore [36:26]

  • “The EHRs that exist in the market suck for VBC” - Colton Ortolf [41:51]

  • “If youre starting a value-based care organization, you dont need some like super feature-rich solution that was built by a bunch of people in a Harry Potter building in Wisconsin” - Colton Ortolf [42:00]

On clinicians and patients:

  • “[You] don’t get many shots with trust - in particular with physicians” - Jennifer Rabiner [30:37]

  • “Being able to surface the insights that typically sit in that care management or that pop health tool, at the point of care in the clinicians workflow at the right time, is really the Holy Grail” - Colton Ortolf [31:43]

  • “Stay close to value delivery as a technologist and get close to the patients” - Brennan Moore [57:34]

  • “You need to bring your care teams along the journey” - Colton Ortolf [54:09]