Webinar: Interoperability For Digital Health Providers

We invited three experts for a panel discussion on interoperability from the perspective of a digital health provider organization.

If you’re building a provider organization and trying to figure out your interoperability strategy, this webinar is for you! It’s filled with practical insights on how to identify interoperability needs, how to find and evaluate solutions, as well as deep dives on related topics such as Health Information Exchanges.

Quick takes on interoperability

Below we’ve shared some of our favorite quotes from the conversation:

  • Interoperability is a catch-all term” - Brendan Keeler [3:31]

  • Your needs really depend on your specific workflows” - Alexandra Cohen [5:23]

  • “What do I need to survive? The first thing you need to do is claims and eligibility” - Brendan Keeler [7:52]

  • There’s no one size fits all solution to your interoperability needs” - Samir Jain [9:28]

  • “Workflow interoperability is a super interesting opportunity” - Samir Jain [12:35]

  • “Theres no magic cloud in the sky that has everybodys health data in it” - Samir Jain [39:23]

  • “With the state HIEs you have a bit more confidence in the completeness and importance of the information” - Alexandra Cohen [41:40]

  • “Semantic interoperability is a massive issue” - Samir Jain [45:47]

  • “Do not try to build your own master patient index” - Alexandra Cohen [48:48]

Reading list on interoperability

For those looking to go deeper on interoperability, we’ve included some links to our favorite resources:

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