Webinar: AI in Healthcare — Build vs. Buy

April 10, 2024

Expert panelists featured

  • Nikhita Luthra - Senior Product Manager, AI Innovation at Oscar Health

  • Ford Kerr - Head of AI & Automation at Soar Autism Center

  • Matthew Woo - Co-Founder, Product at Summer Health

Key highlights from the conversation

  • Why Oscar Health builds rather than buys [4:40]

  • How Oscar has built their internal AI capabilities [11:30]

  • Summer Health’s AI first culture [15:49]

  • How Oscar figures out what to build [21:39]

  • How to deal with the “last 20%” [30:12]

  • Understanding the expectations of your user (Soar Autism chatbot example) [29:42]

  •  LLMs show us where what humans are doing today may not be the right thing [52:47]

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