Care Gap and Contract Performance Analytics

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Inferscience Transcript
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21 min readReviewed on: 12/08/2023
Title: Clinical Strategy
Organization Type: Primary Care Clinic
Specialty: Primary Care
  • Product Usage: Inferscience is used as a sidecar within athenahealth to suggest diagnosis codes and highlight missed areas during patient visits, predominantly for new providers.

  • Strengths: Inferscience seamlessly integrates with athenahealth, offers effective clinical specificity, supports risk adjustment efforts and is cost-effective for small organizations.

  • Weaknesses: The tool wasnt optimized for pre-visit or chart prep usage, took too long to load outside of the patient visit context, and sometimes produced irrelevant or illogical suggestions.

  • Overall Judgment: Infersciences integration with athenahealth and its usefulness for new providers were significant advantages, but limitations in its utility for chart preparation and occasional inaccuracies in its suspecting algorithm led to the eventual use of an internally developed solution.

Innovaccer Transcript
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19 min readReviewed on: 08/29/2023
Title: Market Leader
Organization Type: Specialty Practice
Specialty: Nephrology
  • Product Usage: The Innovaccer platform is used by various team members to ensure continuous tracking and documenting of patient goals, actions, interventions, and barriers and to manage tasks effectively.

  • Strengths: The key strengths of Innovaccer include the timeline feature which allows the tracking of the long-term care journey, the ability to import data from other systems like PointClickCare, and the stability of the platform despite continuous expansion.

  • Weaknesses: The program falls short in the area of population health as it does not provide an overview, instead of requiring access to individual patient information.

  • Overall Judgment: While the introduction of Innovaccer to the team was overwhelming at first, due to the detail needed in documentation, overall the consensus is that it has streamlined many processes and decreased manual work.

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