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Suki Assistant is an AI clinical documentation scribe that generates notes from clinician-patient conversations and integrates with major EHR systems like Epic and Cerner.

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12 min readReviewed on: 11/03/2023
Title: Chief Operating Officer (formerly CTO)
Organization Type: Primary Care Clinic
Specialty: Primary Care
  • Product Usage: Suki is used for dictation directly into patient encounter notes and other areas, with additional functionalities for using templates in encounter plans and macros.

  • Strengths: Sukis main strength is its user-friendly nature, which allows physicians to interact with the product easily and comfortably without needing technical expertise.

  • Weaknesses: Suki could improve its native application to the same quality level as its enhanced review and further refine the tuning of its ambient mode.

  • Overall Judgment: Suki serves well as a reliable, user-friendly dictation tool with a helpful support team; its ability to work in various modes is valuable, even though some improvement areas remain.

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