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Axle Health Transcript
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14 min readReviewed on: 11/03/2023
Title: VP of Operations
Organization Type: Virtual-First Provider
Specialty: Pediatrics, Chronic Care
  • Product Usage: The VP of Operations uses Axle Health for coordinating schedules of patients, mobile resources, and remote clinicians, and also for optimizing routes considering drive times for their pediatrics organization.

  • Strengths: Axle Health is touted for its efficiency in matching up drive time in a mobile resource with a fixed remote resource, in-built NPS surveys and reporting features, user-friendly interface, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility in adding licenses.

  • Weaknesses: The VP pointed out that the current version of Axle Health assumes that bookings are made by patients leading to their clinicians needing to enter patient details manually each time, however, this issue seems to be getting addressed.

  • Overall Judgement: Despite minor workflow alignment issues, Axle Health has been beneficial for their work, providing high patient satisfaction, reliability, exceptional customer support and hence would be chosen again if given the opportunity.

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Wheel Transcript
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20 min readReviewed on: 08/17/2023
Title: Head of Product
Organization Type: Virtual-First Provider
Specialty: Women's Health
  • Product Usage: The reviewers company has been using Wheel to provide outsourced telemedicine services to their customers.

  • Strengths: Wheels strengths include their ability to address unexpected issues effectively, their sales teams expertise and speed of innovation, and their passion for the project at hand.

  • Weaknesses: Implementation times can be long due to large numbers of clients and occasionally, providers have made mistakes in prescriptions or missed SLAs. The Electronical Medical Records (EMR) provided by Wheel lacks flexibility for personalization.

  • Overall Judgment: The reviewer has affirmed that choosing Wheel was the right decision, praising their strong collaboration and flexibility, while expressing a desire for more customization options in the future.

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