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Medcurio Transcript
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10 min readReviewed on: 12/13/2023
Title: Integration Developer
Organization Type: Hospitals / Health System
  • Product Usage: The reviewers use Medcurio VennU to facilitate real-time data exchange between their EHR (Epic) and Salesforce, leveraging it for customer service, emergency room wait time reduction, and patient outreach.

  • Strengths: Medcurio VennUs strengths include their user-friendly application, excellent support team, speed of data access, and its ability to handle complex data extractions.

  • Weaknesses: Some improvements could be made on tracking and documenting of data, and resolving issues of cache engine settings that change during upgrades.

  • Overall Judgment: The reviewers are highly satisfied with Medcurio VennUs capabilities and would like to utilize it even more in the future. The product has significantly improved their speed-to-market for various projects.

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Mirth Connect Transcript
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19 min readReviewed on: 08/28/2023
Title: Software Engineer
  • Product Usage: The company used Mirth Connect to make transforming data between various HL7 and interoperability standards easier.

  • Strengths: Mirth Connects strengths include its open-source nature, availability of a supporting community, feature completeness, ease of testing due to modularity, and its ability to handle various unique connection types.

  • Weaknesses: The products low-code environment and its use of an older type of JavaScript interpreter make it a poor fit for experienced coders, and its logging function used excessive disk space.

  • Overall Judgment: The reviewer found Mirth Connect to be more suited to technically proficient non-coders in IT, and not recommended for software engineers or any high-frequency use due to its cumbersome process and code environment.

Redox Transcript
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23 min readReviewed on: 08/18/2023
Title: Product Manager
  • Product Usage: Redox helps in standardizing and streamlining the integration process with various health systems by converting HL7 pipelines into JSON or any preferred format.

  • Strengths: Redox is reliable with minimal downtime, possesses strong documentation and a collaborative work approach, and has a broad compatibility range with various EHR systems.

  • Weaknesses: The professional services, particularly in terms of implementation management, can be improved, while the frequent change of account managers may cause confusion and frustration.

  • Overall Judgment: Despite the emergence of promising alternatives like Xealth and FHIR, Redox remains a viable integration solution for its reliability, broad compatibility, and strong documentation, but could improve in terms of professional services and account management.

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