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Nuance DAX

Nuance DAX is an ambient clinical intelligence solution that automatically documents patient encounters and is integrated with EHR systems.

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Nuance DAX Transcript
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12 min readReviewed on: 01/22/2024
Title: Physician
Organization Type: Hospitals / Health System
  • Product Usage: User employs DAX for documentation during both well-child and acute care visits, reporting a tremendous reduction in charting time and increased patient interaction.

  • Strengths: DAXs strongest features include improved patient engagement, significant reduction in charting time, and an impressive AI note-taking technology which can organize notes appropriately even when the conversation is not linear.

  • Weaknesses: Areas of weakness include errors in accuracy of the captured content, occasional connectivity issues, and a delay in the finalization and delivery of notes.

  • Overall Judgment: Despite the identified issues, the user considers the adoption of DAX a right choice that has positively transformed their practice, allowing for patient-focused care and efficient administrative tasks.

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Nuance DAX Transcript
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10 min readReviewed on: 11/03/2023
Title: Founder & CEO
Organization Type: Primary Care Clinic
Specialty: Primary Care
  • Product Usage: The product, Nuance DAX, is used as an AI scribing tool for medical visits, capturing detailed patient and visit information and transcribing them into medical records.

  • Strengths: The product delivers high-quality, detailed and organized notes, improves on patient-provider interaction, and seamlessly integrates with existing EMR systems.

  • Weaknesses: The turnaround time for the full service offering is within 24 hours, which is not ideal for providers who prefer to close notes at days end and its costlier than some competitors.

  • Overall Judgment: Despite some drawbacks such as cost and turnaround time, the product is considered valuable and effective, with the recommendation being in favor of using DAX, especially the DAX Express version.