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Abridge is an AI-powered tool that transforms patient-clinician conversations into structured clinical notes for EMRs, offering real-time transcription and highlights of key medical information from various types of healthcare appointments.

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Abridge is an AI-based healthcare tool designed to streamline the documentation process in medical settings. Its core feature is the ability to accurately convert patient-clinician dialogues into structured, comprehensive clinical notes in real-time. These notes are integrated into EHR systems, facilitating more efficient and precise medical record-keeping. Abridge uses machine learning to create these notes and summaries of medical appointments, emphasizing crucial information such as follow-up steps and medication instructions. Abridge has both as a patient-facing application and a provider-facing application for recording medical interactions, and can be used with an iPhone, iPad, on Android devices, and on Windows devices.
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Reviewed by Regional CMIO
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14 min readReviewed on: 12/12/2023
  • Product Usage: Abridge is used for clinical documentation, with its mobile app being used to pre-chart and document patient interactions.

  • Strengths: Abridge simplifies the clinical documentation process, making it possible to complete a patient visit using a smartphone or tablet. Its easy-to-use interface and customizable documentation options are praised.

  • Weaknesses: Abridge does not offer deep integration with Epic systems and struggles with facilitating order entry.

  • Overall Judgment: Despite its weaknesses, the reviewer regards Abridge as a stand-out option for AI-based clinical documentation. The reviewer appreciates the quality of the notes generated, the user-friendly interface, and the value for price. Despite the lack of deep Epic integration, they would choose Abridge again.

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