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The Ambience Healthcare AI Operating System is a suite of applications, including an AI medical scribe and a CDI assistant for coding and billing.

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The Ambience Healthcare AI Operating System consists of a suite of AI applications designed to alleviate clinician burnout, improve overall system efficiency, and enable high-quality care. Tools include an AI medical scribe, CDI assistant for coding & billing, and note generation solution for patient-facing summaries and referral letters.
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Ambience Healthcare Transcript

Reviewed by Physician
Internal Medicine
Health System
Digital Health Provider
9 min readReviewed on: 02/06/2024
  • Product Usage: The product is primarily used for dictating patient notes in both telemedicine and hospital environments, with the AI function capable of transcribing conversations accurately.

  • Strengths: The product excels in quick and accurate transcription, recognition of names of places and people, and minimal downtime. Audio is saved locally during downtime for later transcription.

  • Weaknesses: The product does not allow an option to select patients pronouns and occasionally misinterprets certain words (a problem referred to as hallucinating).

  • Overall Judgment: Despite its flaws, the product is deemed effective, time-saving, and well managed by the company, with excellent customer service and receptive to user feedback.

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Ambience Healthcare Transcript

Reviewed by Clinical Product Lead
Women's Health
Digital Health Provider
Cash Pay
19 min readReviewed on: 11/13/2023
  • Product Usage: Ambience, an AI scribe, is integrated with athenahealth and is used for patient consultation and note-taking, enabling the clinicians to focus more on patient care.

  • Strengths: Ambience records every consultation, automates note-taking, and is a significant time-saver; it takes only a couple of minutes to produce a note that requires minimal editing.

  • Weaknesses: The system may experience outages, disrupting workflows, and sometimes producing inaccurate medical notes.

  • Overall Judgment: Despite its weaknesses, Ambience has generally met the companys key requirements, and the majority of their clinicians appreciate it.

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Ambience Healthcare Transcript

Reviewed by Chief Medical Officer
Women's Health
Value-Based Care
Primary Care
Digital Health Provider
Brick-and-Mortar Provider
21 min readReviewed on: 10/17/2023
  • Product Usage: Ambience is used to automatically generate patient notes and summaries during medical consultations, with the ability to integrate directly into EMR systems for seamless entry of patient data.

  • Strengths: The softwares strengths include high-quality note generation, ease of use, reliability, real-time transcription, and a high degree of accuracy in diagnosis coding; In addition, it has the ability to translate notes into patient-friendly language and integrates smoothly with EMR systems.

  • Weaknesses: Previously, manually entering diagnoses codes was a notable weakness, but this has been addressed with the introduction of an auto-code feature; Unrequested nutrition advice in notes was another weakness, but regarded by some as a helpful feature.

  • Overall Judgment: Ambience is highly valued for its efficiency and quality in producing notes during patient visits, significantly reducing the burden of manual data entry and making it a critical tool for the organization.

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